More Active Lives

Last night, Shawn and I were sitting on the couch after dinner thinking about our day.  We were talking and trying to figure out why we are so much more active now than we ever were in our old house.  We play out in the yard here.  We had a yard at the last house.  Not a big yard, but a yard, and we never went out to play in it.  We used the deck but that was it.  We've been walking, decent, lengthy walks.  We've also lived in Lawrence 5 years and just this last weekend went to the Lawrence Farmer's Market for the first time.  Why haven't we gone until now?  The best I can think is that with Sydney's birth, my being unemployed, and now the new house, we're kind of getting a fresh start as a family.

Last night, we were going to walk to the park, but Ben decided he wanted to play in the backyard too.  We played catch with Ben, fetch with the dog, and Ben and Shawn wrestled around for awhile.

Finally we went on a walk and played at a smaller park.  We probably won't go to that park/school much because Ben didn't really enjoy the playground.  We walked about 2.2 miles though.  That was nice.

It's really been lots of fun.  I hope we can keep up this new life and these new activities/adventures.  We are creating memories for our children especially Ben right now and I want him to remember playing outside with us as a family and going on big walks to the park almost every day.  This isn't all I want him to remember.  I'm hoping for trips and big, fun, life experiences.  We're working on it though.


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