Easter weekend

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter.  I know that this weekend has been wonderful for us.  This weekend has been full of family, good food, and fun.

Friday afternoon, Shawn's work threw us a post baby shower/party thing.  It was fun to get to show Sydney off to all of them and eat yummy food.  Shawn works with so many neat people.

Friday night, we went to Shawn's parent's house.  We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look at furniture and a rug for his parent's house.  Anybody who knows me, knows furniture and house decorating are basically my favorite things.  This made my night Friday, and I love that we got to spend time together as a family while we did it.

Saturday, we went back to Shawn's parent's house.  We dyed Easter eggs together.

Shawn's mom, Julie, watching Ben dye an egg.

Terry and Ben, dying eggs.

The finished eggs.

This was the first year that Ben really got involved.  He accidentally knocked over a mug full of dye.  I must say that there is a lot of dye in one cup.  After we got the mess cleaned up and finished dying eggs, we went to the park and played and skipped rocks on the lake.  Shawn's brother, Chris, and their Mom came with us.

Ben, Chris, and Shawn skipping rocks.

Chris helping Ben get rocks to skip in a bizarre way.

Julie and Ben on the swing.

The teeter totter.

After a little while at the lake, we were tired and cold.  We went back to the house and grilled hamburgers.

Today, Easter, the kids woke up and got their baskets.  Ben had a good time going through his basket and then trying to find Easter eggs in the living room.

The kids baskets.

He found an egg!  He actually found a lot of them.

I peeked around the corner and caught him eating the candy out of an egg.  


We do not currently belong to a church, so we didn't go today.  We do plan on joining a church, hopefully soon, if we can find a good fit for our family.

This afternoon, we had family at our house for a wonderful lunch.  We played outside and eggs were hidden for the kids.  It was such a fun time and my Grandma got to see Sydney for the first time.

My brother, Andy, Sydney and Julie.

Grandpa Moose and Sydney

Ben playing baseball in the backyard with his Dad and Granny.

Grandma and Sydney.

My brother, Andy, helping my nephew, CJ, find eggs in the backyard.

Terry helping Ben find eggs.

Sydney and I outside on the deck.

My mom.

My sister.

Now, we're all exhausted.  Everyone here is sleeping but me, and they have been since a little after 7.  I thought I would take the time to blog about the wonderful weekend we've had and post the 2 Easter projects we got to do this week instead of napping.

Tomorrow, Shawn and his Dad are going to the Royals home opener.  The kids and I will be spending time with Julie, Shawn's mom.  I'm looking forward to it.  We will be continuing with our letter of the week with letter I this week.  Also, we get the keys to our new place on Thursday.  I'm so excited!  I will miss the place we are living in now though so please don't think this place is terrible.  There are just things with this house that don't work for us.  I will try to update as much as I can but this week and maybe the next couple may be a little hectic.  I'm trying to keep Ben's schedule as normal as possible though so craft time will still continue on.


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