The letter J

Normally I use the Totally Tots blog to figure out what our letter of the week craft will be.  Not today.  I came up with it on my own.  I was so excited.  It came out pretty cute as well.  Our table is not usable right now, due to the move so we had to use an old box on the living room floor.

J is for Jellyfish

What you'll need:

At least 2 different colors of paper
googly eyes

1.  Draw and cut out the letter J.

2.  Cut out the top of the jellyfish and strips of paper for the bottoms.

While I was cutting out these pieces, Ben was coloring his J is for Jack in the box coloring sheet.

3.  Color the letter J.

4.  Crumble or fold the strips for the bottom of the jellyfish.

5.  Clue the strips onto the jellyfish's top from the back.

6.  Glue the J onto the front of the jellyfish.

7.  Glue the eyes on.

And that's it.  Your J for Jellyfish is done.


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