Habemus Papam

We have a new Pope. I feel like I'm joining the Catholic Church at such a neat and historical time.  I was so excited to sit down with the kids to watch the presenting of the new Pope.  I was excited that they were excited.  I sat here with chills while my kids talked nonstop, Sydney calling him Mr. Pope, and they took pictures of the TV with their iPads.

Ben kept saying, I'm going to show all of these pictures to Daddy when he comes home.  It was really cute.

I'm excited for the future with our new Pope, hope for the best and am praying for him.


Sandra said…
I'm not Catholic, but I too watched. You can't help but be in awe and let if affect you, it is a pretty momentous moment for the whole world.

I liked him, had never heard of him but he seems like a simple, quiet and loving Pope. Praying for him.

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