This evening our sweet little Petty went to Kitty Heaven.  The cancer had spread to her brain, causing her to have odd behaviors.  The tumor in her mouth, or the side of her face, had pulled down her ear canal on that side and caused her eye to twitch, which the vet said caused constant vertigo.  The cancer had also spread to her intestines causing her to loose control of her bowels and bladder and she was bleeding internally.  While she didn't appear to be suffering, there is no way that she wasn't.  We sadly had to have her put down.

Yes, I'm meowing at her in the video.  Sometimes she would answer when you would do that, but she would always come to you.

She was such a cute little love bug.  I named her Perpetua, from the Bridget Jones movies, and later we shortened it to Petty, just because we are a family of nicknames.  I remember when we first got her and she was so tiny.  She looked like a lemur and she was all black with a couple of white hairs on her chest.  She would scratch and scratch and scratch her chest, right where those white hairs were causing all of the hair to fallout in a spot about the size of a dime.  She was always cuddling us, and never was one of those I'm not into people right now kind of cat.

Here's a picture of her a few months after we got her:

Today was filled with lots of tears, kitty cuddling, spoiling her with warm milk and lunch meat, and taking lots of pictures.

I'm thinking of having these pictures printed at Walmart so I can hang them on the wall.  We have all been really sad all day, but we knew for two months that this day was coming.


Shawn said…
She was the best cat. Thanks for posting this, honey.
Cassie said…
Sorry about your Petty. We had a cat named Jinx that had to be put down for very similar reasons. Tumor in the brain, pressure on sinuses and eyes, drooling etc. Just remember, cats have 9 lives and your Petty may come back tomorrow and bless somebody else's family with her presence. Hand in there.
Sandra said…
I am so very sorry Liz :( It is never easy losing a family pet.

I'm not a cat lover at all, actually allergic to them, but this post brought tears to my eyes :(

She was so cute. Glad she isn't suffering anymore.

Praying for you all through this difficult time.
Heather Ortega said…
I am so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful cat.
Liz said…
Thank you everyone. It means a lot. She was really my first baby. I had her before I had kids and while we had another cat when we got her, the other cat was really Shawn's and didn't care for me to much. Also, she didn't like the sharing of space and attention when Ben was born so she went to live with Shawn's parents. Petty had always been there, and been loyal to all of us, even the kids.

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