Sydney is 3!

Apparently this time change is kicking everyone in our houses butt.  I can't believe that most of the people in this house slept until almost 10.  I don't know if it's Day Light Savings Time or if it's that we're still recovering from Sydney's birthday last weekend.  Either way, hopefully we'll adjust soon.

The real reason for this post is for Miss Sydney's birthday.

To start, I'm sad that my little Buggy is growing up so fast.  She's 3!!! But going on 15. 

When she was born, we were all so in love.  We still are.  She makes sure that nobody leaves her out of anything and she loves to be the center of attention.

Here's the big girl on her birthday!

The day before her birthday, the celebration started.  Shawn and I had a big surprise up our sleeves.  I was so excited but had to keep the kids super busy to cover up for the big surprise.

We started out the day by going to Laugh Out Loud.

After Laugh Out Loud, we went to Shawn's parents house.  I had to get Shawn and I's swim suits and the kids love to hang out and play there.

When Shawn got off of work, we met him at his office and went to the hotel.  We stayed at the Overland Park Marriott, which in my opinion was very nice!  The kids had no idea.  The reason we stayed there was so that the kids could swim.  It's been cold, snowy, and somewhat gloomy here so it's exactly what the family needed.  I should also tell you that because my husband spent so much time traveling for a living, we used his points for the hotel room and got a very nice room on a floor that you needed a key to get to, and a late check out, for free.  If you travel or stay in hotels a lot, COLLECT YOUR POINTS!  It pays off.

The next morning, we all got up and went swimming again.

Sorry some of these pictures are a little blurry.

After swimming, Sydney got to open a couple of presents and then we went to eat some donuts at Krispy Kreme. 

After awhile hanging out back at the hotel, watching TV and packing, we headed to Chuck E Cheese for her party.  The kids were so excited!

It was so cute to watch them playing and riding rides.  I love this shot of Ben, Sydney, and their cousin Langston.

I'm sorry, but my nephew Payton is so stinking cute, I could just eat him up!

We had such a good time, and my father-in-law won the kids a bunch of tickets.  The kids were so worn out that there were lots of tears and some sleeping kids by the time we left.

Later that evening Miss Sassy Pants was jamming with her birthday presents at home.

I would say she had a great birthday and the whole family had a lot of fun.  I'm excited to see what this new year of her life brings.


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