Our Non Productive, Sick Weekend

Ok, so this weekend was supposed to be productive, but that backfired.  It started out by Ben being sick from Thursday on.  Friday, he was acting like he felt soooo much better.  Because of Lent, I can't have meat on Fridays, and I'm not a big fan of fish, but I do like sushi, so that's what I've been eating.

Well, the kids don't like it so we told Ben that because he was sick Thursday he could pick what he wanted for dinner Friday.  He picked Taco Johns.  After eating only the meat part of 3 tacos and drinking a little root beer, guess what happened... Yup, he threw it all up.

Shawn's sister and her boyfriend came over and watched the first half of the KU game with us before going home so he could do some accounting homework.

Saturday, I'd planned on getting this house back in order.  Guess who woke up feeling pretty queezy?  If you guessed me, you were right.  I spent most of the day laying around with no appetite.  I didn't feel sick like Ben was, but if I was up and around, my stomach would get crampy and I'd kind of feel like maybe, just maybe, I could throw up, but not sure.  Not a lot got done but Torren, and Shawn's sister and her boyfriend came over again that evening to watch Game of Thrones.  Also, if you haven't watched that show, you should!!!  It's on HBO and it's amazing.  Season 3 starts next Sunday, March 31st.  It is not a show for children though, as it is quite violent, and graphic, and there is also lots of nudity and sex.  Saturday nights are usually quite late for us with watching this show because we wait for the kids to go to bed before we start.

Also, my husband read all of the books that are out so far and said they are great.  I would love to read them now that I know the characters.  It was hard for me at first because there are soooo many and their names aren't normal and a lot are quite similar so it was hard for me to keep up with who is who.

I had to get up this morning for Palm Sunday mass and then our RCIA retreat.  Well, it snowed quite a bit last night.  Seven inches or so, so the retreat was cancelled although mass was still on.  I went ahead and drove out there even though the roads weren't in good shape.

(I was stopped at a stop light when I took this picture, just so you don't have to worry about the crazy lady driving down the road taking pictures in her van.)

They were better on the way home.

I brought home delicious donuts from Munchers, which has become a Sunday routine for us.  They are soooo good, it's hard not to.

Sydney seems to have caught this stomach bug.  None of us have caught it even close to the extent that Ben has.  Thank goodness!!!  Needless to say, she's been pretty good about going on the big girl potty, but we've had a couple of accidents today.  I can't blame her.  We expected it though and put her in a diaper all day, so it wasn't so bad.  We did take the kids outside for a little play in the snow.  They love it, and seriously this is probably the last snow of the season.  I hope it's the last snow of the season.  I'm ready for warmer days, and sunshine.

As I said in the beginning, this was supposed to be a productive weekend, but with me not feeling well and having sick kids, and company, not a lot got done.  Shawn worked on laundry today.  He is my lifesaver.  He also helped me with cooking dinner tonight.  I love that we work so well as a team.  I however didn't get anything done but dishes, really.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

We did manage to get some reading done in both The Widow Of Larkspur Inn and The Little House in The Big Woods.  We are actually almost done with the kids' book.

Oh, and I managed to get an awful picture of one of Rylie's teeth.  She doesn't like to show off her chompers so much as to just use them.

And, this weekend she has been a walking and dancing fool!!!

Alright, my bed is calling my name.  Hopefully we'll all feel better this week, life can go back to normal, and my house can go back to being clean!  I'm going to leave you with a couple goofy pictures of Sydney, because I have so many and they are too cute to not share.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Goodnight.


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