Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful St. Patrick's Day if you are celebrating and if you don't, hope you are having a wonderful day.  I know that I am.

Last night, the big two kids spent most of the night in our bed kicking, tossing and turning, and laying sideways or wedging underneath us.  It was a long night.  At about 5:30 I almost gave up on sleeping but knew that by the time the first mass started at 8:30, I would not be in very good shape after going to bed only 4-5 hours before, so finally I fell back to sleep.  At 8:30 my alarm went off and both Rylie and Ben woke up.  I didn't want to leave the comfort of my bed, or my snuggly babies so I pushed it as long as I possibly could.  Finally I got up and dressed in my green, brushed my teeth and my hair, put on a little make up and ran out the door.  I was nice and early to mass as I always try to be.  Sometimes that Northex can get quite crowded and I like to get a good spot to sit, near an end of a pew, since I can't take the Eucharist yet.  (Only two more weeks to go!) That way I can just slide out of the pew for every one to get past and then get back in.  Mass was wonderful and really spoke to me and then at the end Fr. Mick reminded everyone that today is the feast day for St. Patrick and told everyone Happy St. Patrick's Day and then showed us under the sleeve of his white and purple robes, he too had on green. It was really cute and a fun light way to leave the service.

After mass, I had to run to Walmart because sadly I didn't get shirts for the kids.  At Walmart, obviously, the selection was so picked over that I opted for just green shirts that the kids can wear again and again and again, which I appreciate more anyway.  After Walmart, I ran to our favorite donut place in town, Munchers Bakery.  The kids all got donuts that had green and yellow sprinkles on them.  Fun and festive, and my personal favorite is there cream cheese donut although they have really good apple and blueberry fritters too.  Yum!!!!  I made a quick stop by the Merc for some yummy Iwig chocolate milk.  This is the best chocolate milk to use in an iced mocha, I have to say.

After eating the donuts, my sweet husband suggested that I take Rylie upstairs and that her and I get a nice nap in.  It was wonderful, but as with any nap, I'm left feeling not quite satisfied.  Maybe it's from my serious sleep deprivation, maybe it's from years of no naps, who knows...  This year, I'm doing my usual corned beef but for my cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and onions, I'm going to roast them.  I thought that would be super yummy although simmering them is delicious too.

Usually we like to take the kids to the Lawrence parade, but because it's so cold today, we decided to pass but I recorded the parade on TV so we can watch it later.  Honestly, this is our traditional St. Patrick's Day.  Wear green, eat corned beef and cabbage, and maybe go to the parade.  It's not partying or anything, but hey I'm a bit of a homebody and don't really like doing much without my kids.  I'm not looking down on people who are out at the bars and enjoying their green beer (I gave up alcohol for lent so can't partake this year anyway).  That's just not who I am.

The evening will be filled with delicious food, laundry, a little TV and SLEEP!!!  Shawn just came into the kitchen (waking from his own nap) asking where the truck is that hit us today.  Yup, it's one of those days.

Alright, I need to get going so I can get some veggies ready for roasting.  Hope every one is having a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day.


Here's an picture of our amazing meal.  I must add that the only left overs we had was about 1/3rd of the loaf of bread and about 1/3 of the cabbage... Roasted cabbage, potatoes, and carrots was the way to go.


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