Happy Homemaker Monday

I've been sick with pneumonia so hopefully this week gets better.  It's not starting off on a high note...

The Weather:::
It's been pretty cold.  Chance for snow tonight then warming up later in the week up to 60s I believe.

Right now I am: 
Snuggling babies on the couch and watching Brave.

I need to run out and pick up some plants.

On my reading pile:::
Little House on the Prairie
The Widow of Larkspur Inn

On my tv::: 
Ripper Street
Downton Abbey

Favorite Blog post this week (mine or other):::
I don't have one.  I've been really about blogs this last week since I've been under the weather.

Something fun to share:::
I can't really think  of anything other than we're getting ready for Sydney's birthday this Saturday.  My big girl will be 3.

On the menu for this week:::

Monday - Jason's Deli
Tuesday - Hamburger steak with sweet onion gravy and mashed potatoes
Wednesday - Roasted chicken and tortellini primavera
Thursday -  Sausage and cheese frittata
Friday - Not sure yet
Saturday -Chuck E Cheese
Sunday -

On my to do list:::

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
I have a lot I want to start and so much to finish.  I don't even know where to begin.

Homemaking Tips:::
If you're anything like me, you go grocery shopping and come home with bags upon bags of food and nowhere to put it, so you are left with the job of cleaning out the fridge also.  Growing up we had "Find it your own nights" the night before trash day.  You would eat any left overs there was and everything else would get thrown away.  That way the food wouldn't sit in a trash can for up to a week smelling awful and rotting.

Looking around the house:::
The house is still a bit of a mess from being sick last week.  I need to finish it up, but I'm enjoying a movie with the kids.

From the camera:::

On my prayer list:::
My friend Sandra's brother and sister-in-law as they wait to hear about an interview.  My kids and my niece Langston as well as myself as we all struggle to get over illness.  

Bible verse, Devotional:::
Rise up in splendor!  Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you. ~ Isaiah 60:1


Mandi said…
visiting from Sandra's blog! Such a pretty creation you have there :) Nice work!
Liz said…
Thank you! Have a wonderful week!
Sandra said…
Love your crochet, looks very similar to the one I made a few weeks back :)

Hope everyone is feeling better there and that the kids don't get too upset with daddy gone overnight.

Sandra said…
Pressed enter too fast lol....wanted to thank you for the prayers for my brother and sister in law :)
Liz said…
Thank you. I saw your crochet that you did a couple of weeks ago and loved it so I made two like it, with a back lining to use as 9x13 hot pads. A very pretty touch to my kitchen table.

The kids did so well with their dad being gone. I was really impressed with how easy it was on them, or at least how they showed it anyway.

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