What A Crazy Week We Are Having

This week has been insane!  Monday, I still didn't feel 100%.  Sydney has had this attitude that will not stop.  Neither Ben nor Sydney listen to a single thing I say.  (I know every mother or even parent reading this is nodding their heads in understanding.)  Shawn came home and all we could do was fight.  It was just one of those days.  When I say we just fought and fought, I mean, over stupid things like Ben's chapped lips.  Yes, ridiculous fights you only have when you are tired and not feeling well.  I was mentally and physically exhausted and unwell.  I just couldn't stop crying and instead of going to bed, like I should have, I stayed up and continued to fight with everyone.

The day wasn't all downs though.  We did read a few stories about the meaning of this week and Easter from the Catholic Bible stories for kids.  They really liked it, but it made Sydney, much like it makes me, very emotional.  After we were done reading the stories, she kept reading them and looking at the pictures, talking nonstop and crying.  She talks a lot about missing Jesus and him being her first Daddy.  It's a little weird too though.  I believe children are more in tune with where their souls may have come from and what is going on around us that we as adults don't pay attention to.

Also, Ben, like most days, brought a bunch of toys out in the living room to play.  I love his imagination and wish mine was still like his.

Tuesday I woke up, my eyes swollen and my face chapped from the last night's tears, but feeling much better and ready to face the day.  Ben has preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning, so we were up and around, not lounging our morning away like we have a tendency to do.  I picked up Ben from school at noon like normal, and on our way home, my mother-in-law called me asking if we were home.  She lives in another city about 30 minutes away, so this is not a normal call from her.  I told her we were almost home and she told me that she and her sisters were doing lunch and she needed to potty and wanted to know if we wanted to come along.  Of course we did!  It ended up being a big group of us going to lunch and it was so nice to spend time with the family.  After lunch they went to walk around down town and Morgan (one of my sister-in-laws) and I took the kids to Laugh Out Loud.

It was a lot of fun because it wasn't packed and we were able to take the babies on the jumping pillow.

After we wore the kids out at Laugh Out Loud, we thought it would be fun to go to Pet World.  Our Pet World is one of the coolest pet stores I've ever been too.  They don't have cats and dogs, but they have almost everything else.  And they have people working in every station and there to get animals out so you can hold/pet/get a closer look at them.  Right when we got there, an employing came and took our kids over to the giant tortoises so they could get to feed them.  That's kind of a neat experience.  All of the kids loved the tortoises and Ben fell in love with the rats.  It was so cute.  A boy after my own heart.  I've had a mouse, 3 hampsters, 2 gerbils, and a rabbit as well as cats and dogs.  I would like to get the kids a turtle or lizard in the future though, and maybe a rat or two.

Anyway, Pet World is kind of like a fun petting zoo.

Morgan's daughter Langston had dance so we split up there which sent Sydney into hysterics because she wants to dance.  Needless to say, I think she'll be joining dance classes.  Last night, ended up being a somewhat late night because Sydney took a nap during the evening while I was cooking dinner and was up ready to go for the night.

Today, we had a sort of lazy day.  Not really lazy, but an around the house sort of day.  I've put together some to-do lists that include what I need to have to get Ben enrolled in Kindergarten and Sydney enrolled in preschool, trying to find t-ball, martial arts lessons, and swimming lessons for Ben, dance, tumbling, and swimming lessons for Sydney, and figure out what we plan on doing for a vacation for this summer.  Yup a lot of stuff to balance there.  I may go insane, but it seems like it will be fun and I want my kids to have every opportunity to do what they want, even though I'm totally happy being at home with them all day.

These few days have been craziness!  Tomorrow and Friday, we have mass.  Saturday we are dying Easter eggs and then have mass and I'm getting baptized, confirmed, and receiving the Eucharist for the first time!!!!  I'm so excited and nervous.  Sunday is Easter and food with lots of family.  This is going to be a lot for this week but I'm just going to take it all in and learn as I go.  Hopefully next week will be much more slow with maybe more days like yesterday was.  We had so much fun.

Also, sometimes I can be quite selfish.  It's just one of my awful qualities.  I'm sorry.  Sometimes, I think about what I want even though it isn't good for the other parties involved.  I try not to act on these things but I do think them.  Last night, I told Shawn, but hey, this is my blog and if I can't put my feelings here then where can I put them, right?  Well, the selfish side of me wishes Morgan didn't have a job.  I love spending time with her and the girls and my kids love it too.  Yesterday was lots of fun and I'd like to do that more often.  Yup, selfish, but hey I'm not out telling her to quit her job for me, just thinking it and putting it here.  I don't know, maybe it's one of those things she'd like to hear.  Not because she'd quit her job, but because sometimes we all like to know how much we are loved and appreciated.  It also makes me wish more and more that my sister and her family lived out here so she could be a part of this all.  Maybe, someday...


Sandra said…
Oh Liz, I love you :) I just love your heart, you're such a sweet woman, and you're a great mama.

Listen, you are entitled to be a little selfish at times and to wish things differently. It doesn't make you a bad person, it makes you......are you ready for this????? HUMAN! LOL

Really though, it would be bad if you were going out to Morgan fired from her job so you could hang out LOL But you're not doing that, so it's ok to think it and then let it go, it just means you love her and want to spend time together :)

As for the craziness...one thing to keep in mind, this time of the kiddos being little is going to fly, and you will blink your eyes and they will be teens and then you'll miss those times. So take each day, good or bad, and love it, live it, enjoy it. :)

I never signed my kids up for many activities, I always cringed because I saw so many friends running ragged from place to place with all the activities and the kids were tired and worn out and unhappy. I let them do one activity and most of the time, they went in all excited and within two weeks fizzled out and just wanted to be home LOL

Hope you have a fantastic time at church, and good for you on getting baptized, how truly exciting.

May God continue to bless you immensely.

Much love,
Liz said…
Oh Sandra, thanks for your kind words! They really do mean a lot to me.

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