Whew... Thursday

When I woke up Thursday, I didn't expect to have the busy day we had.  It's the days we spend together as a family that I cherish and especially days where I'm able to somewhat keep my sanity.

We got up, dressed and fed the kids in a hurry, made my coffee and ran out of the house as we do every Tuesday and Thursday.  We aren't the best about getting up and around.  In the mornings the kids like to lay around on their iPads or playing with blocks which is hard to break on days Ben has school.

While Ben was at school, the girls and I had a couple of errands to run and while we were out we decided to run by the pet store (not the one we went to Tuesday) to pick up some pig ears for Maya.  They are her favorite.  Sydney also picked out a pretty and bright colored tennis ball for her.  They had two sweet kittens there for adoption.  I fell in love, but it made my heart ache a little for Petty, probably because they looked just like her.

The girls found some beautiful neon fish that they were awed by as well.

After picking Ben up, we decided that the weather was tooo beautiful, so we went on a walk to get some lunch downtown.  We ate at the kids favorite, "Guacamole House" or Chipotle as we all know it.

We called Morgan, and her and the girls met us for lunch and then we all walked down to Laugh Out Loud.

We did have one little issue with a bully and Ben.  Poor Ben is an easy target because he's so nice and wants to play with everyone.  This kid wasn't only bullying Ben, but Ben is the kid that got punched.  We have had issues with this kid before, and it's sad because his mom sits there and watches and never does anything.  When the dad found out he put their shoes back on them and they left.  It was sad when he said "We've worn out our welcome", but if your wife disciplined her child when things like this happened, maybe he would learn this is not how you treat other people.

The kids got to play for quite a while before we walked to the Lawrence Arts Center so Ben could show Morgan and Langston his school and so we could look at the art on display for the silent auction.  I fell in love with several pieces but this one was amazing and the bidding was still fairly low at $300.

After the Lawrence Arts Center we walked to the library, where Langston got her first library card. I have one and Shawn has one, but my kids don't.  I think we'll go back next week to get the kids their own.

We went home with just enough time for Sydney and I to get ready for mass and to give the dog a pig ear or two.  She was in hog heaven.  I know, I'm corny...

Mass was two hours long but absolutely gorgeous.  Sydney told me the Gloria was her favorite song.  She fell asleep about half way through.

I shed a tear or two during the washing of the feet and cried like a baby during the stripping of the alter.  On the way out, Sydney and I were right behind a boy from Ben's class and his family.  It was so sweet because as we were leaving, this boys younger brother grabbed his dad and said "This is so beautiful Dad!"  He was right, it was so beautiful.  All of the candles in the multicolored candle holders in front of the huge windows.  It was actually kind of breathtaking and something that a 3 year old or so could even admire.

By the time we got home, my whole body ached, we were hungry and tired, so we ate some pizza and went to bed.  All of us slept upstairs since I wasn't able to put Sydney's sheets in the dryer.  Sleep overs are fun anyway.  We all fell asleep watching Wizards Of Waverly Place reruns on Disney.


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