Sick Day at the Tiemann House

I feel like we just can't win!!!  Poor Ben is sick to his stomach.  He's spent most of the day in the bathroom, throwing up, and, well you know...  My stomach is feeling a little queezy but I'm trying to convince myself that I don't have it, I'm just imagining it because I've been cleaning up after Ben all day.  I don't have any sprite here, not that he would drink it anyway, but I feel like I should get some.  I'm debating ordering lunch just so I can get him some sprite and it would be a little less work on me.  In the mean time he's posted up, her on the love seat with his pillow, comforter, cup of water and emergency puke bucket.

In other news, Rylie has finally gotten some teeth, and my mother-in-law was right, they've all come in at once.  She has the two bottom front teeth and one of the top front teeth as well as the one, possibly two on the side of the top one.  All of this has popped up since this weekend-ish.  The toothless smile is now gone.  It will be replaced with another super cute smile.

Sydney is wearing big girl underwear.  This week has been pretty much accident free.  She's been doing pretty good about using the big girl potty for a while but if she's busy playing or sleeping, that's when the accidents would happen.  When we went through a couple of dry days where she even used the restrooms at Laugh Out Loud, I decided that it was time for her to wear big girl underwear.  She's been dancing around in them and showing them off ever since.

Also, I think Maya has finally realized that Petty is gone.  She has done nothing but lay around and do that sad high pitched whine.  It's heart breaking.  I just feel so helpless.  The kids are hurting, the dog is hurting, Shawn and I are hurting.  This is hard.

Alright, I'm logging out for the time being.  I've ordered lunch, and it should be here anytime.


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