Another crazy day and hunger

Our Thankful Turkey will have to wait either until I come home tonight or until tomorrow.  I've run out of time and patience for now.  I feel bad, because I don't want to be one of those people that doesn't have time to do things with their kids.  I'm trying so hard to involve Ben in everything I do, but I want to do fun things for Ben everyday also, not just making the day about me or the new baby.

Ben is in terrible need of a nap today and has been since about 11:30 this morning.  I'm not in a great mood today either.  I didn't sleep well last night, because the baby was up moving around all night.  I woke up this morning and felt great but that has since worn off.  I just keep thinking now of all the things that have to be done before work tonight and the little amount of time that I have left to do it.  The good news is it is Thursday, so only one more day after tonight and I also worked almost an extra hour last night, so that's an hour less to work tomorrow.

On a less selfish note, I have several blogs that I read everyday and today, one really touched me.  Peanut Free Mama - Hunger affecting more and more people.  It made me wonder what I could do to help.  Sometime between tonight and Sunday, I want to go through our cabinets and get out all the canned goods we probably won't eat and things like that.  Monday, I want to take it to a drop off place for Harvesters or something.  Does anyone have a place they recommend dropping off non-perishables here in Lawrence, Kansas?  What are you doing to make a difference this holiday season?


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