What a weekend

Sorry to have updated so much today.  I was behind on my posting and had so many things to post.  I figured it was best to post them all in individual posts.  Now, it's time to put in an update on our jam packed weekend.

Saturday, Ben and I went to Shawn's parent's house to spend the afternoon and evening.  We ate a wonderful dinner at Terry's new house, then went to the Legends to take Chris (Shawn's brother) his dinner, do a little shopping, and see the Christmas tree and lights.  It was so pretty and while it was a little chilly, we had a good time.

While Ben and I were spending time with his parents, Shawn was here in Lawrence at a friend's birthday party.  We met Shawn there later in the evening.  Tim (the guy whose birthday it was) has a pet snake and he had it out so Ben could see it.  Shawn was holding Ben and had him trying to touch the snake.  He'd say "Can you touch it, Ben?" and Ben started tickling the snake, saying "tickle tickle" and laughing hysterically.  This was definitely not the reaction I expected out of a boy who was so scared after the snake and lizard part of the pet store, he cried through the rest of the store including the bunnies and fish.

Sunday morning, Ben and I were watching TV in bed while Shawn slept on the floor at the foot of the bed.  Ben grabbed the keys off of Shawn's dresser and started jumping on the bed.  I saw disaster (him falling on the keys or something) and told him not to play with the keys on the bed.  He got mad and threw them and then went to throw himself down on the bed.  I think he misjudged the distance to the wall when he went to throw his tantrum and he banged his head pretty hard on the wall.  He cried immediately and laid down with me, which at first I assumed was so Mommy could make him better.  After a few minutes, I noticed he was acting really tired and wouldn't even go try to wake up Daddy.  We brought him downstairs and while I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, Ben slept.  He woke up and came running to me, right after I brought breakfast out to eat.  I thought he came over to me for a bite but instead started shaking and throwing up.  Shawn and I freaked out at that point and got dressed really quickly, grabbed the diaper bag, Ben's stuffed frog, and headed to the ER.  We were there for several hours.  It took 3 tries and 2 different medications to sedate him to get a CT scan.  Luckily, everything turned out alright and he just had a concussion.  That was the scariest and worst day of my life.  I'll never forget sitting in the hall by myself and hearing him scream and cry from in the room with the CT.  He was so scared and there was nothing I could do to help him.
Here's some pictures of poor Benny sleeping in the hospital bed.  He looked so tiny.

Thankfully, today has been a much better day.  Shawn was up most the night (a mix between inability to sleep and having to check Ben every hour and a half to 2 hours all night) and had to take the day off today.  After sleeping in, he made us a big brunch of pancakes, bacon, and eggs.  It was so good, then I went to work and he stayed with Ben.  When I came home, we went to the grocery store for a few things we forgot this weekend.  We promise Ben every time we go, that if we go on a small trip where Dad goes too, he can ride in one of the carts like a car.  Today, that trip happened.  He was the happiest boy in the world.

We had quite a weekend.  Hopefully there are no more emergency room visits in our near future.  Alright, now that everything is updated, I promise I'm done blogging for the night.


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