Thankful Turkey

Saturday, we did our Thankful Turkey craft and we did it as a family, which was probably for the best anyway.  It turned out great, and quite colorful.

What you will need:
construction paper
a paper plate
a marker or something to write with

1.  Cut the center out of the paper plate to give you a nice sized flat circle.

2.  Color the paper plate cut out on one side.  I let Ben and Shawn do this part while I did step 3.

3.  Cut out all the pieces you will need to create your turkey body, face, and several decent sized feathers that you can write what you are thankful for on.

4.  Put together your turkey body and face.

5.  Write what you are thankful for on each of the turkey feathers.

6.  Glue your turkey body onto the front of your paper plate.

7.  Glue the feathers on to the back of the paper plate so you can read the writing from the front.


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