I've got so many things to work on and to add to that, Thanksgiving is less than 3 weeks away, and Christmas is coming up in 7 weeks.  I'm starting my Christmas shopping this weekend.  I'm not going to wait until last minute like I normally do.  I've already got a few ideas for people, but the tricky one will be my husband.  He's the hardest person I know to shop for and he shouldn't be at all because he's so easy to please generally.  I'll figure something out, I always do, but I'm definitely open to suggestions.

I need to get the ball rolling on making the bedding for the baby and Ben and I have this incredible urge to knit more but I'm feeling oddly uninspired by my massive collection of yarns.

I finished a scarf last week that was originally going to be for Designers Against AIDs, but I fell in love with it... I know that's selfish, but it matches my coat.  With my belly growing more everyday, my coat buttons keep moving so much further from each other.  I already haven't been able to close it but now it's just rediculous so I need all the help staying warm I can get.  The shipping on the scarf for DAA is going to be outrageous anyway, and I know it's for a great cause, but I'm just not feeling it now.  Maybe I'll move on to hats and mittens or something.

Here's Ben modeling my scarf for me.  He's so silly.



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