The dreaded library trip

I've been so busy lately and sometimes when I'm busy, important things get forgotten.  I seem to have forgotten to go to the library or recheck our books out online.  I know the fines are probably ridiculous and I'm super embarrassed about it.  I normally look forward to going to the library but today I'm dreading it.  I think I need to get a separate day planner for at home than at work.  Right now, the two are combined and I think it's so overwhelming that I only look in there at work.

Here is the nightmare that is my day planner:

That is my goal for next year.  Two separate planners and I will make sure everything is in there, i.e. when the library books are due.  When you are busy, what kind of things do you forget?  How do you keep from forgetting the little yet important things?


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