Thanksgiving scene

Tonight, we made a scene like what I saw on another blog Momma's Playground - finished fall art project.  Ben and I did it and today, I got daring and let him cut and glue some also.  It didn't turn out bad at all.

What you need:
construction paper

1.  First, trace your little one's hand and then their hand and arm and then cut them out.

2.  We made grass by cutting a length wise strip of green construction paper and then making it grass like by cutting fringe on the top.

3.  Glue the hand, hand and arm, and grass to your paper.

4.  Cut out a sun and glue it to your picture.

5.  Cut out pieces of orange and yellow paper.

6.  Crumble up the orange and yellow pieces and glue them to the hand and arm for the tree and put some down at the bottom for the leaves that have fallen.

7. Color your turkey or decorate it with other colored paper and your done.


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