Little Turkeys

Ben and I had been lacking in the crafts side of things, so I decided today that we would make these really neat wreaths like we saw here: Ramblings of a Crazy Woman - Handprint turkey wreaths.  I thought this would be a fun activity for us before nap time.  He loved tracing his hands so much that after I was done, while I was cutting them out, I gave him a crayon and some paper and continued trying to do it himself.  We decided to change it a little bit from a wreath to a big turkey made of hands.

Here is everything you need:

A paper plate
Construction paper
Crayons or markers

1.  You'll need to trace you're little ones hands on a few pieces of paper.  Ben doesn't have much patience even though he enjoyed it.  He was just having a hard time sitting still so we only did it on 3 sheets of paper giving us 6 hand prints.  I put a few pieces of paper behind them and folded them in half so I ended up with 28 hands total.

2.  After you cut out all of the hands you'll need, glue them to the paper plate.  We only glued the palms of the hands so that the fingers were more fringy or feathery like.

3.  Cut out a shape for the turkey head and body.  I let Ben color it after with marker after I was done cutting it out.  Then glue it on.

4.  Cut out a little red heart to glue for the wattle and a little orange triangle for the beak.

5.  Since we didn't have googly eyes on hand, I cut out larger white circles and smaller black circles to make eyes.

6.  Glue all the parts of the face on the turkey.

Now you have your turkey!


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