Native American headband

Since Ben had such a good time with the big craft yesterday, we did a craft today that I think every kid does in preschool or elementary school.  We made a Native American headband.

Here is everything you need:
construction paper
glue or a stapler

1.  Cut out feathers from multicolored construction paper, and color them.

2.  Next, cut a strip of construction paper about 1 1/2 to 2 inches tall that will fit around your little one's head.  It took me 2 strips of the construction paper cut lengthwise.  Attach the ends together either with glue or staples.   I used the staples so Ben didn't have to wait for it to dry.

3.  Color the headband.

4.  Attach the straws to the back of your feathers.  Once again I used staples so Ben didn't have wait for the glue to dry.

5.  Attach the feathers to the inside of the headband.

That's it!  It's so easy and really doesn't take much time at all.
Ben has been wearing his ever since we made it and he loves it.


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