No craft today

I woke up exhausted from being in pain all evening yesterday, so I decided that the craft I had planned for today can wait until tomorrow.  I can do the prep work for it tonight when I come home from work so Ben won't have so much waiting while I cut out all the pieces.  We did color a picture of an Indian and pilgrim, and began to learn what Thanksgiving really is all about.  I unfortunately was not as well informed as I'd have liked to be about the topic, so I researched it using wikipedia.

I feel so extremely lazy today.  We did a pizza party for lunch because I just didn't feel like cooking anything.  Ben loves anything coated in cheese.  So cheese pizza worked very well for us.  He even got a special drink.  I let him have sprite with his lunch.  I only let him have pop on special occasions or when we go out to eat, and even then, pop isn't guaranteed.  I think he enjoyed it today.

Maybe while Ben naps I'll get some reading in before I have to get ready for work.  Right now, I'm reading the first book in the Vampire Diaries called The Awakening.  I must say, it is very different from the show, but still really good.  Yes, I've been hooked on this vampire craze too.  For me, it started with the series on HBO, True Blood.  I was in love with the show and a friend suggested I read the Twilight series and then go see the movie with her and her husband on opening night.  I did and loved it all too, so next I read the Sookie Stackhouse novels (the True Blood books).  I have read and own all of them that are out so far and every time a new one comes out, I treat myself by buying it.

Alright, Ben has finally fallen asleep, so I'm going to go read.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow when we will hopefully do our Thankful Turkey craft.


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