Halloween and the week before.

I haven't updated yet to let everyone know about our Halloween.  We had such a blast with Ben.  We carved our pumpkins and went to KU to take pictures of all the pretty trees the weekend before.  Ben loved the leaves and the fun on the campus.

He didn't really like the carving of the pumpkins so much though as he thought the insides were "yucky."

We decorated the house and made cookies to get the festivities going all week long.

On Halloween, we went to Shawn's parent's house and started chili in the crock pots and went to the Legends for trick or treating and some last minute costume piece purchasing.  Later, we ate dinner chili and yummy cornbread, got all dressed up (Ben was a monkey, Shawn was Jerry the plumber, and I was Michelle Duggar) and went to my families house for my brother in laws 21st birthday party/Halloween party.  Shawn and his siblings went to the haunted houses, and then we all met up in Paola for a party there.


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