Coffee Filter Turkey

Friday we made our coffee filter turkeys.  This was something I should have planned out a little better.  I knew that I had a doctor's appointment and thought that while we were waiting for Shawn to come home we could start this craft.  In the end, Ben was covered in marker from the waist up.  Thank goodness I had him take his shirt of for the craft but the doctor did comment on his pretty colored neck and chin.  It was fun definite fun though.

What you will need:
construction paper
coffee filters
Water in a spray bottle or eye dropper

1.  Color your coffee filter with marker.  We learned that the more you color it, and the darker it is, the better it will turn out in the end.

2.  Spray the coffee filters with water from either an eye dropper or spray bottle.  You want just enough to make the marker run but not enough to remove the marker.  (This is quite messy so we did it on the counter in the bathroom.)

3.  Carefully move these to some place they can dry.  We used a rag towel on the bathroom counter.

4.  Use your construction paper to make the turkey body.  Don't forget to put the face on it.
(Sorry I didn't get a picture of this phase.  Things were quite hectic here at the time.)

5. Glue it to your dried coffee filters.

It's lots of fun and really easy, but quite messy.


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