Gotten Behind.

It seems I've gotten behind on my posting this week.  I have at least one craft post to put up and I wanted to tell you about my wonderful Mother's day. 

Saturday, Shawn was at geek fest or Dungeons and Dragons.  I spent the day at home with the kiddos.  We just hung out and had pasta for dinner.  Ben and I saw a commercial for Dairy Queen's cakes and decided we wanted cake.  We baked our own cake and I must say that it was so good.  Torren came over that evening to give me a mother's day card which I thought was so nice.  I got the sweetest cards from my husband and children.  Shawn even tried to help Sydney hold the pen and sign the card.  I also got lots of flowers.  Shawn got me roses that I put in a vase on the TV. 

And he also got me a Lilly plant that I put on the table in the back yard so that it would bloom.  I love the colors of the flowers so much.

I also, got these flowers from Shawn's parents and they are so beautiful!  Now I want more for my front yard, along the front walkway. 

Sunday, we relaxed in bed for most of the morning, then went to KC.  We had delicious sushi for lunch.  I love sushi and apparently have gotten Shawn's mom hooked on it.  While the weather kind of sucked, we still made the best of it by playing outside.  Shawn pulled his mom and the kids around in the wagon, which was pretty funny.

Then we had dinner.  Yummy steak and potatoes on the grill, steamed veggies and green bean casserole.  I loved it all.  We took a plate to Shawn's grandma and took the kids so she could see them even though they were both a little grumpy because it was around their nap time.  Shawn's mom gave the kids their baths and then we went home.  I had a great day, but I think those are the best days.  Low key and spending time with family.


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