My son and his movies

Ben's latest movie addiction has been Disney's Robin Hood.  He asks to watch it all day long, but I only let him watch it once a day.  I have no idea what makes this movie so special to him.  This is the movie that pulled him off of his 101 Dalmatian addiction.  This leaves me to wonder, why do they get hooked on one movie at a time?

Shawn and I often sing or whistle along with the music on Robin Hood, and Ben doesn't like it at all.  He makes me laugh, because he'll look at you and put his finger up to his lips like he's about to shh you, but he says "Quiet please."  He also does this if you talk to loud during his movie.

I jokingly tell Shawn that I miss Cars.  My mother-in-law told me today that she bought Ben the movie, A Bugs Life.  Maybe he'll move on to that one since Jungle Book 2 and Dumbo didn't do it for him.  He liked them, just doesn't ask for them like Robin Hood.  The hope behind A Bugs Life is that it will help him a little bit with his major fear of bugs.

What am I going to do when I have two children fighting over what movie to watch?


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