A lot of living

We've not really been doing anything special lately, just living.  We are still getting settled in to our new home and have lots of unpacking and organizing to do.  Shawn finally finished work at the old house Friday.  Thank goodness it's done.  That takes a lot of pressure off of us. 

Here's a picture or two of my sweet family:

Thursday evening, we went to the grocery store.  Since we go as a family, we grab two carts.  Ben goes in one of the smaller carts that has a car or firetruck ride in thing on the front, (Shawn pushes Ben's cart) and I put Sydney in the front of my cart and the groceries in the back.  Ben has wanted to ride the horse in the lobbylike area of the grocery store for a while now and we've said no in the past (mainly because we don't have change on us.)  This time we gave in and let him ride it.  After looking all over for where to put a quarter, we figured out it was free and you just push the button.  As it turns out, Ben didn't like it as much as he thought he would.  He leaned forward and held onto it tight with one hand and onto his Dad with the other.  I thought it was cute though.

Saturday, we were supposed to go to Derby for a friend's graduation party, but were unable to attend because of lack of funds.  It was just to expensive for us on this one particular weekend to get the oil change and gas we would need to drive three hoursish away.  Instead, we went to the Farmer's Market.  It rained on us the whole time.  Ben insisted on holding the umbrella which was a mess, but we got plenty of organic spinach and organic spring salad mix.  In the evening, Shawn's parents came over to visit.  It was so nice to see them and Julie, Shawn's mom, gave Ben a much needed hair cut. 



Sunday we declared it lazy day.  We didn't really do anything but watch TV and relax all day.  It was so nice.  I think everybody needs a day like that every now and then. 

Here's Sydney, enjoying part of her lazy day in the swing:

I've been trying to make sure that Sydney gets plenty of tummy time.  She lifts up her head and swims like crazy.  She wants so badly to be able to get places on her own.  I'm worried because she'll only be ten weeks old tomorrow.  I have a feeling she's going to be extremely active like her big brother.  Maybe even more so.

Today, when Shawn came home from work, we all left for the park.  We walked there, pushing the kids in the big double stroller.  At the park, we played tether ball, played on the toys, went down the slide, played basketball, and swung on the swings.  Normally Shawn plays on the toys and slides with Ben if there aren't other kids at the park, but today, I did.  It was fun and was probably quite humorous watching me go down the slide.  Sydney slept in the stroller the whole time.

We got our exercise in, that's for sure.  The walk, round trip, came out to 4.07 miles.  We are determined to loose weight.


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