A nice week

We have had a great week so far.  It's been busy though.  Monday was our slow day.  For people that think stay at home mom's don't work, they are so wrong.  I work my little hiney off around the house and even though I'm no longer working outside of the home, I have to keep a day planner.  My mom actually got a great one for me for Christmas last year.  I love it and don't know what I'll do when the year is done.  I guess I'll have to ask her where she got this one at.

I do the best I can to write down everything, from appointments and activities, to walks (mileage), dinners (for left over purposes) and crafts.

Here's an example of my week.  The example is actually this week as of tonight (Thursday night).

Tuesday night, we ate dinner with friends.  I brought a salad and was inspired to try my own dressing.  It turned out amazing by the way.  I was so excited about it.  I've never made salad dressing before.  I can't believe I hadn't because it was so easy!  I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

Wednesday, we went with Shawn to basketball and ran into some friends.  It's funny because I'd only met Ben in person but talked to his wife, Meagan, a lot on the computer and follow her blog.  It was so nice to actually meet her in person.  She has two precious little boys.  My Ben told me, when we came home, that he liked playing with Asher (Meagan's son who is 3.)  This means a lot to me.  Ben's language isn't very good.  He's getting better really fast, but for so long his vocabulary was quite small and he has a hard time with a lot of letters.  When he plays, he tends to gravitate towards little girls, I'm guessing because they seem more tolerant of his language problems.  He likes to play with other boys too, but often the boys don't acknowledge him because he doesn't really talk back to them well, conversationally.  Asher was very friendly though and seemed to play well with Ben.

Here's my kids at the park and basketball courts:

She makes me laugh because she sucks on the bottom of her dress or skirt all the time.  It's not very lady like to lift up your dress.

Tonight, Shawn and a friend of his started playing a weekly game at our house.  I made them dinner.  I really enjoy cooking for other people.  I hope he enjoyed it.  My mom gave me an amazing recipe for easy chicken enchiladas.  I'll post my beef enchilada recipe and mom's chicken enchilada recipe tomorrow.

The best part of this week is that we've spent so much time together as a family.  We are finally getting into the swing of things at the new house and with our new lives.  It makes life really enjoyable to spend time together with the kids.  I hope that this continues on.

Finally, I like to coordinate the kids outfits whenever possible.  Often it's done by color, but today, was even better.  Ben wore his Greatest Big Brother outfit and Sydney looked so cute in her Little Sister onsie.  I couldn't resist taking pictures of the two of them together.

My cute little chunk.


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