The letter N

This week is the letter N.  Now that we are finally able to get settled, we are going to hopefully doing the letter craft at the beginning of the week, allowing time for more letter crafts all week long.  I tried really hard this week to come up with my own craft for the letter N, but couldn't figure one out so we did this one from Totally Tots.

Today, while we did the craft, Ben colored N is for notes and N is for nurse, but the marker was a little dark and you can't tell what the nurse is.

N is for Nest

what you'll need:

construction paper
googly eye

1.  Draw and cut out the letter N.

2.  Cut out a bird, nest, and eggs.  Also, cut out strips of brown paper and crumple them up to make the nest look a little more realistic.

3.  Glue together your bird.

4.  Glue the crumbled strips of paper to the nest.

5.  Glue the eggs in the nest.

6.  Glue the bird to the top of the N and the nest to the bottom.

And you're done.


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