The letter P part 2

Oops.  It seems I have gotten behind on my craft posting.  This craft was one we did Tuesday.  It came from No Time For Flash Cards.

P is for Piano

What you'll need:
construction paper

1.  Draw and cut out the letter P leaving the straight side thicker than normal.

2.  Cut out a strip of white, as long and wide as the straight side of the letter P.

3.  Cut out strips of black that are shorter than the white piece is wide.

4.  On the white piece, draw lines across with marker.

5.  Glue the white piece onto the straight part of the P.

6.  Glue the little black pieces onto the white part.

7.  Once all of the black parts are attached, it is done.

Ben was so funny.  He was playing it and singing like it was a real piano.


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