A rainy day in our life

Over the past couple of nights, Shawn and I have been packing the kids up in the stroller and going on a walk.  Last night, we took the dog too and put in a little over three miles, jogging some of the way.  I was so proud of how much I was actually able to jog.  I can't wait to get out there and do it again and hopefully jog even more.  I feel so good today and full of energy.

We got up this morning and picked up the mess that I was too lazy and tired to pick up last night.  I have a wonderful husband though, that had done the dishes for me last night.  All I had to do with them was to put them away.  Ben put his toys and all the shoes away, then sat down and read to himself.  I love that he loves books so much and he looked so cute curled up with his book. 

We did the craft I'd planned on doing yesterday, but was to tired.  It was O is for octopus.

He was a coloring fool today too.  Normally when we do a letter craft, he'll do a coloring sheet or two while I prep the craft.  Today, he colored four coloring sheets while I prepped the craft.  It didn't take me long to prep the craft either.  He just really wanted to color.

Since today is Wednesday, Ben did some painting for Watercolor Wednesday.  He loves paint.  Today he's was painting his Granny's Jeep.  That's what he told me anyway and he kept using the black (her Jeep's color).

Sydney got in her tummy time that she does a couple of times a day, every day.  She is such a sweet funny little girl and is really starting to get a personality already.  She loves peek-a-boo and just laughs and laughs when you play it with her.

And because Ben doesn't like the attention off of him, here's a picture of him from Sydney's tummy time.

Since the craft today was an octopus, we watched IMAX Under The Sea.  It was really good and I highly recommend it.  It was only about 40 minutes long including the credits, so it didn't last too long for Ben, and it was really beautiful.  Jim Carrey narrated the movie also.

We buy these little lunchable snackable things for Ben.  He eats them sometimes for lunch with something else but they are perfect for snacks.  That's what he had for his snack today. He loves making little towers.

It has been rainy all day so I didn't plan on us going out walking or to the park, but there was a break in the clouds around 4 o'clock and Shawn called from work telling me to get the kids ready and we'd walk to the park as soon as he got home.  By the time he'd gotten home, it was raining again, but Ben was so excited to go to the park, that he had been sitting in the stroller for over 20 minutes and I couldn't get him to come out.  We decided, it was only raining, not storming and wasn't raining hard, so we'd go ahead and go.  We bundled up the kids and off we went.  We didn't stay long at the park, but Ben still got to go.  On the bright side, after tomorrow there isn't any rain in our forecast for a while and the temperatures are supposed to be 80s for a while.

Sydney was all bundled up in the stroller so she could stay warm and dry.

I don't know why I bothered boring you with the details of our day, probably because it's raining, I'm putting off cooking dinner, and the kids are both napping (I know it's a little late for a nap), but I did post it, with lots of pictures.  Now, to go cook dinner.  Garbage burritos because they sound so good.


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