The letter P

I have a letter P craft planned for everyday this week.  I let Ben pick which one he did today.  The one we did, came from Totally Tots.

P is for Penguin

What you'll need:

black, white, and orange paper
googly eye

1.  Trace and cut out the letter P from the black paper.

2.  Cut a belly from the white and feet and a beak from the orange.

While I was cutting, Ben was coloring his letter P coloring sheets.

3.  Flip your P over.  Glue the belly onto the leg of the P.

4.  Glue one foot onto the P from the back.

5.  Glue the second foot onto the front of the P.

6.  Glue the beak onto the loop of the P.

7.  Glue the googly eye onto the P.

8.  Finally, draw a line on the beak to make it look more beak like.

And you're done.  Here is the Penguin.


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