Lots of craziness!

Well, keeping in the tradition of blogging about how busy we've been, all I can say is wow we've been super busy.  This is our last week at the old house.  It was supposed to be last week, but due to some issues with utilities, it is this week.

I'd like to apologize for having changed the blog to invited readers only.  This should be only temporary with hopes of opening it back up in a few months.  There are some people that don't need to know what is going on in my family's personal lives and this will make it more difficult for them to get that information.

Our tub is almost completely installed now.  Thank goodness.  The guy that has been doing the work has been so friendly and done such a good job.  Since we've been working with him for 2 weeks now, I'm going to miss him when he's done.  Weird, I know, but so true.

I have spent the last two nights at the park with the kids.  I must say, I love meeting other moms at the park.  Yesterday, I met a really nice woman and her daughter who is 20 months old.  Ben played with her daughter until it was time for us to leave. Shawn got to go with us tonight which was fun.

While most children I've seen pretend this is a restaurant, my son pretends it's a barn and he moos like a cow.  It cracks me up.  He has a wild imagination and I love it.

Little Miss Sydney was enjoying the fresh air at the park also.

He's also gotten over his fear of swinging really high and just laughs and laughs.

We've done a craft or art time every day this week, which is a lot for us, but since we've uncovered the kitchen table, we're able to do more.  The best feature of this house is the backyard.  The weather has been nice enough that we've been able to enjoy it everyday this week.  I hope that can continue.  The dog loves us out there with her too.

Lastly, my best friend, Lauren, (the one that is visiting from Hawaii) came to visit us with her husband, Ben, today.  I miss her being here so much.  Her husband is such a sweetie and pretty cute too.  No doubt they'll have an adorable baby.


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