The letter O

This week we are covering Ben's favorite letter and I have 3 O letter crafts all inspired from No Time For Flash Cards.  Today's craft more specifically can be found by clicking on this link right here.

O is for Owl

What you will need:

3 pieces of construction paper
googly eyes

1.  Trace and cut out the letter O.

2.  Cut out a triangle, 2 circles and 2 leg and feet shapes.

 3.  Color the letter O.

4.  Glue the feet onto the back of the O at the bottom.

5.  Glue the triangle on to the front top of the O, upside down.

6.  Glue the 2 circles onto the triangle.

7.  Glue the googly eyes onto the center of the paper circles.

And your owl is finished.


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