Watercolor Wednesday

Today was Watercolor Wednesday.  Since we were super busy today, we had to do it this evening.  I painted this time too.  I don't think I've used watercolors in years.  Ben loves Wednesdays and Fridays because he loves to paint so much. 

Not long after that picture was taken, we had a little oopsie where Ben accidentally knocked over the cup of water.  No biggie, it was just water, but what happens to a water color painting when water is poured on it?  It becomes a wet, plain sheet of paper.  The paint disappears.  Ben had to start over.  I felt so bad for him, but he didn't seem to mind.  He was just worried he was going to be in trouble or have to stop painting.  I let him start over as soon as the water was cleaned up.

This was the finished product:

And here's both of our paintings:


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