May Flowers

I was trying to come up with a fun spring craft to do today.  We decided to do fun little flowers with faces.  We made 3 of them.

What you will need:

construction papers
stapler with staples (I ran out of staples)
googly eyes
small pom poms
pipe cleaners

1.  Cut out circles from construction paper for the face.

2.  Glue the googly eyes on and the pom poms on for noses.

I set them under heavy plates to dry while we did the rest of the craft.

3.  Color the construction paper.

4.  Cut the paper lengthwise into 4 pieces and make them into rings.

5.  Staple them in the center together like a flower.

6.  Draw mouths on the faces and glue them onto the flowers.

7.  Staple the pipe cleaners to the backs of the flowers.  (I ran out of staples and had to tape them.)

And they are done.


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