A Day In The Life - Tuesday December 2, 2014

Ok, so I've wanted to do this for a little bit.  I'll take pictures and videos throughout my day and then never get to post them.  Not this time!  This is not a what we've been up to post, which I do have coming, but this is a day in my insane life type of post.  This day was Tuesday, December 2, 2014.

Alright, upon starting I should explain that Rylie slept on my floor Monday night/Tuesday morning and didn't even fall asleep until near midnight only to wake about 3 times during the night.  Also, Scotland was up a couple times throughout the night, and Shawn got up and moved to the couch downstairs because the bedroom was too hot.

7:00 am, the alarm went off, to start my day.  Too bad I'd already been awake for an hour nursing Scotland who would not go back to sleep.  I needed to go wake up Ben.  Obviously the kids had been up too late the night before, because Ben, who is usually up before the alarm goes off, was very difficult to get out of bed. After about 5 minutes of mommy nagging, I finally had him up.  I told him to get his socks and a shirt.  I had a pair of his jeans downstairs in the dryer. Scottie had fallen back to sleep so I got dressed and headed downstairs.

By the time I got downstairs Ben had already found Ralphie, our Elf.

I fed him a yummy breakfast of his favorite chocolate chunk granola, a gogurt tube, and a banana, loaded his backpack with his cheese its and water bottle, grabbed his coat, and then off to his school we went.  

Before he gets out of the car at his school, I make sure to tell him to have a good day, and to be great. He jumps out and then waves before heading to his classroom.  The parking lot at his school is always chaos but I like to stick around long enough to watch him walk inside and some days I get the right spot to stop and watch him walk into his classroom.  

Alright, no time to waste, back home I went.  Ben's school is only half a mile from our home.  It's very close.  I came home and immediately woke up the girls.  Sydney has school on Tuesdays and Thursdays so we needed to get everyone ready to go.  I got them dressed and downstairs.  When they got downstairs, it was their turn to look for Ralphie. They were so excited to find him.  They laughed and laughed and then went to the kitchen to eat.  They had a nice breakfast of gogurt, applesauce, and a banana.  Sydney wants to read so badly, so I took this video of her at breakfast trying to read the word gogurt on the package.

Shawn had a call to do, so he actually did it from home, and because of his busy schedule he worked from home the whole day.  He didn't feel well either.  I'm suspecting that it had something to do with the cold we've been passing around and the fact that he didn't sleep well the last night.  

I bundled up the babies and off we went to Sydney's school.  

I left the stroller at home as well as Scotland's coat.  I brought a blanket to wrap her in, thinking we'd run in the school and right back out.  When we got inside there was a note on the classroom door saying we needed to make sure the kids go to the bathroom before school since they'd be walking down to the Festival of the Trees a couple of blocks away to see all of the decorated trees and the one that they had decorated in class.  Every year we go with the class.  We did it for Ben, we did it for Sydney last year, and I really couldn't not go.  I made a deal that since we didn't have the stroller or Scottie's coat we would drive down, and wait for Sydney and her class to get there, walk through the exhibit with her, and then we'd leave while she walked with her class back to school.  She was just so excited that we were going to see the trees with her and her class, that she didn't mind we weren't walking with them.

We drove the car downtown and waited for the class to get there.  This is the tree that her school decorated.

There were so many neat trees.

The neat thing is, they auction off all of these trees that have been designed or decorated by local businesses and the money goes to a women and children's shelter in town.  It's such a fun event that brings the town together for Christmas, as well as a really good cause.

After looking at the trees, we were off.  I had another errand to run.  I had promised Rylie that we would go back to the milk store for some ice cream to eat for dessert, after dinner.

We ran the ice cream home and grabbed a snack to go.  By the way, I'm addicted to those peach tea and peach mango green tea Crystal Lite packets that you pour in your water bottle. I drink several a day.

Sydney gets out of school at 12:00, So I always try to get us on the road by 11:40. We got to Sydney's school so early that we read a book in the parking garage before going in.  We ordered a bunch of books from Sydney's class book order and they all came in earlier that morning, so my passenger seat was full with books to choose from.

Rylie is currently potty training.  I told her that if she's potty trained before Christmas, Santa will probably bring her an extra something.  She's working really hard on it and doing really well.  We've even mastered telling me she has to potty while we are out and about.

We order Poinsettia's from Sydney's school fundraiser and they had come in, so while I was paying the monthly tuition, the girls were gathering our plants to take home.

When we got home, I needed to put away our order from Amazon Pantry that had been delivered earlier that morning.

Then, time for lunch.  Macaroni and Cheese is Rylie's favorite.

I cuddled with Scottie a little before cleaning up the lunch mess.

Then, diaper changes and baby feedings.  I feel like that is mostly what I do all day.

The girls took the time after lunch to lay around, rest, and watch some Peppa Pig.

I got to drink a little coffee and tackle some of a huge pile of laundry.  (I actually plan on finishing this pile today.)

At 2:45 it's time to pick up Ben from school, since he gets out at 3:00. I park the car in the parking lot and run up to the door to wait for his class to come out.  They are usually the second class out, but not until about 3:04 or so.  I never want to be late though because the one time I am, will be the one time they are early, and they come out the door and walk all the way to the front of the school where the parking is a total mess.  I'd rather pick him up by the backdoor with my car parked in the little lot, with the girls safely buckled in where I can see them.

Rylie fell asleep on the way home from Ben's school.  She's supposed to nap everyday although sometimes we are just so busy that it never happens.

Of course, after Ben came home, there was lots of loves, and as always a tantrum or two.

I was supposed to cook taco soup the night before, but because my pantry delivery hadn't made it, we did grilled cheese and tomato soup instead.  Well first thing in the morning Ben told me he wanted taco soup for dinner so at about 5:00, I got started on dinner.  I cut up my onion and through it in a stockpot.  It must have been a really strong onion because even using my mini food processor chopper thing my eyes teared up and burned.  I opened the hamburger and got a wiff of something unpleasant but when I leaned back in to smell it, it smelled fine.  I thought I was going crazy and went ahead, smelled it one more time which it smelled fine, and added it to the stockpot.  All of a sudden, this horrible smell filled my kitchen.  It really made me gag.  Shawn came down stairs and asked what the horrible smell was, so I dumped the whole thing in the trash and we decided to head out to Lady Bird Diner for dinner.  We like to go there.  It's a fairly new place downtown, it has a fun and funky style, and the food is delicious!

We like to play I spy with my little eye when we go out.

They have cute little salt and pepper shakers on every table like this.  I ordered a special,  the country fried steak with mashers and veggies.  It was so good.

I stand by the fact that the exit sign is orange.  We even looked it up and there is no set color as long as it is clearly lit for all to see.  We even blew up a picture of the sign and used the dropper tool to see what the color was and it is actually orange, not red, so I was right all along.

The new library opened up this summer.  It's been under construction for ages and our library had been packed away into storage except a small sampling that opened up as the substitute library at the old Borders bookstore.  We hadn't been able to make it to the new library yet which is really pathetic actually, so while we were downtown with a little time to kill, after dinner, we decided to drop in and take a look.  It's truly amazing.  Shawn even said he wanted to move in.  They had so much space for book, movies, and music.  They also had fun place to read or study and amazing fish tanks with really fun fish.

You can't really tell from this picture, but this shrimp is probably the biggest fish tank shrimp I've ever seen.  It was probably as big as my fist.

We got a few books but decided that we'd make Tuesday night, family library night.  They were closing so we had to leave.  An iceskating rink opened up right next to the library and the parking garage.  It was closed for the night when we walked by it, but what a neat thing to have just in the middle of downtown.

We came home and gave the kids the ice cream we promised.  They love ice cream, but doesn't almost everybody?

I made a delicious bowl of chocolate chocolate chip and pumpkin pie ice cream.  Yum!!!

After we finished dessert, I sent the kiddos upstairs to get their pajamas on and their teeth brushed. Shawn went up to get the big two to sleep while I typed out a Blogmas post at the kitchen table. Shawn always snuggles them to sleep in their beds so they get a little quality time with him, since they are with me all day.

I also texted a little with my best friend, Lauren.  The two of us go way back to the first day of 8th grade.  I love that with her, nothing is too gross or off limits.  I can just be me, and she can just be her. She moved away years ago, to Hawaii, married a Marine, and now they live in Virginia and have a sweet family of their own.

Rylie was asleep on the couch.  After I put up my blog post, I walked out to find she had a buddy. Harley's eyes look so creepy with the glow.  She always lays with the kids. Usually at night, she sleeps with Sydney but she really has decided she like's Rylie too.

I had to disturb the cuddles to move Rylie up to her bed and put Scotland in hers.  Shawn and I sat up for a little bit, working on the computer and trying to get stuff figured out with my icloud account. After a while we gave up and went to bed.  It was late and we were tired.  Just like that I climbed into bed while Shawn jumped in the shower and then came to bed.  I'm sure he watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on his phone, but I don't remember that much.  I was so tired.


Penny said…
Wheww, what a day !!! It sounds like you spend a lot of time in the car like I do :)

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