Blogmas 2014 - Day 21 Share Your Favorite Christmas Poem or Picture

Ok, growing up, my parents always loved Thomas Kincaid.  I grew up admiring these paintings. While they are all gorgeous, my favorites are the winter and Christmas ones.  Absolutely amazing. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy, and make me think of my Dad.

This, is my dream.  To live in a Thomas Kincaid painting.


Carrie B. said…
That's a beautiful pic Liz! And I love that his paintings remind you of your Dad.

I think it's amazing how in his paintings he makes lights and windows look so truly illuminated and real....and cozy. You just want to jump in.
Anonymous said…
This is one of my favorites too, I love Thomas Kincaid.
Tamy Bollar said…
His paintings are beautiful and lined our walls also.

Unfortunately they remind me of my dad too and how horribly Thomas' "people" treated us when my dad died. I sold all my Thomas Kincaids years ago.
Anonymous said…
What an amazing painting.....just so charming. Love it. Am pinning your post to keep the image in my 'Christmas' folder on Pinterest....thank you so much!

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