Blogmas 2014 - Day 5 Favorite Christmas Food

Oh yay!  The food is honestly one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  It always has been.  

For me it always comes back to the cookies!  My favorite cookie is and always has been these candy cane cookies that my dad would make. You took what was basically like a sugar cookie dough with almond extract in it, split it into two parts and dye one part red with food coloring.  You'd cover them in plastic and let them sit in the fridge for hours to harden, making them easy to work with.  Then you would twist the red and the white and shape them into a candy cane and bake them.  As soon as they came out of the oven you sprinkled crushed candy canes over the top.  My mouth is watering just thinking about these cookies.  Haystacks where another delicious favorite that were my personal contribution most years to the Christmas cookie collection.  I loved their cold butterscotchy goodness.  

We didn't really have a traditional Christmas dinner, nor do we now.  We always did, growing up have the same breakfast every year.  I always looked forward to it.  Couldn't wait for Christmas morning because Grandma was making her breakfast casserole that was bread, sausage, eggs, and cheese, that had sat in the fridge overnight before being baked.  It was always soooo good.  She always served it with stollen bread though.  At the time I thought it was so incredibly awful.  My sister and I used to make jokes about Grandma stealing bread, and not understanding why anyone would steal that disgusting bread.  I'd be interested in trying it now though to see if my tastes and opinions on that bread have changed.

Maybe it's time I put some serious food traditions in place, so my kids can have a real answer to this question that isn't "cookies" as they tell their kids. 


Sandra said…
Cookies are yummy and the ones you mentioned with the candy canes sound SO good. I laughed at your stealing cake reference hahahah
Carrie B. said…
I always make a similar casserole for Christmas morning for my family and extended family.

Love the stollen story and teasing your Grandma! Lol I don't think I've ever had that kind.

thanks for sharing!! ;)
Anonymous said…
The breakfast casserole sounds interesting....hoping you might post a recipe?! [I love cooking and am loving all the exciting-sounding foods I'm hearing about via Blogmas!]

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