Blogmas 2014 - Day 17 Christmas Tree Reveal

Ok, so I'm so excited for this post.  I can't express to you how much joy my Christmas tree gives me. We got a new Christmas tree this year and it's so lovely.

We have Santa standing in front partially due to lack of space in our home and partially for the tree and presents protection from the kids.  Haha!  

Here are the presents underneath the tree.  Ralphie even likes it.

The angel at the top was given to me by my parents.  She was the angel for the family tree since before I was born.  My parents replaced her and gave her to me when I moved out.  She's been on our trees ever since.

Here are a couple of my ornaments that we have collected over the years.

I collect Willow Tree Angels and have one of the ornaments.

This year, we started a new tradition.  At the beginning of the season, when we first put up our tree, we take the kids out to each pick a new ornament.  We may end up with a funky or goofy looking Christmas tree in a few years, but oh how we'll love it anyway.

Here's Ben's ornament he picked out.

Here is Sydney's ornament.

Here is Rylie's ornament.

And here is Scotland's ornament for the year.

Hopefully this will break us up from the set of ornaments we bought from Costco a year or so ago.

We also have the Tardis I made last year.  I wanted to make a Dalek this year but haven't had the time and my creativities have been used elsewhere this season.

And of course ornaments the kids made at school are on it as well.

We also sat down and did some ornament making from foam kits so they each have ones they made.

I really love our tree.  It's so beautiful, and getting better every year.


Tamy Bollar said…
Beautiful tree and ornaments!

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