Blogmas 2014 - Day 6 When Do You Open Presents

I have had the most insane weekend.  I feel like I blinked and now it's over and I didn't get a chance to do blogmas at all.  So, here I am hoping that between tonight and tomorrow morning, I can get all caught up.

Growing up, my parents started out really strict.  We would get up in the morning on Christmas day, and see what Santa had given us.  Then, we'd eat breakfast and go downstairs, to open the presents under the tree.  As we got older, and I think they got tired of hearing us beg, they started to allow us to open one present each (of their choice) on Christmas eve.  

With my kids and our family now, we do such a big Christmas Eve party at Shawn's parent's house that if my kids are still awake and partying when the actual party is over, they are each allowed one present (of our choosing) to open.  Also, if someone is there, that brings them a present and won't be there the next day, or brings one to Shawn or myself, we are also allowed to open that, right then and there so that the giver of the gift can watch the opening.  Everything else waits until after Santa, and coffee, the next morning.


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