Blogmas 2014 - Day 9 Winter Items You Can't Live Without

Oh my goodness...  I'm trying to think of the winter items I can't live with out...  I don't have pictures of it all, that's for sure, but a few things are coming to mind.

Probably a good, comfy, and warm scarf.  My favorite really is a simple green striped one that I bought years ago at American Eagle.

My favorite coffee mug filled with coffee, tea (my favorite is just plain old Earl Grey), or spiced cider.

A nice big sweater!  I'm a huge fan of sweaters. Lately I've been doing a lot of tank tops or tees with open front sweaters or cardigans over them.  The older I get, the more about comfort I am.  And, if it looks cute, then that's a bonus.

I love cute boots.  I have my brown and black combat looking boots from last winter, but I'm actually kind of over them and want something a little more feminine.  I need to get out there and shop for some, but I'm lazy and actually quite chicken to take my kids shopping for boots for me.

A nice, hot, fire in the fireplace.  I sure hope I always have a fireplace.

Good movies!  I love nothing more than on a cold day, to sit inside and watch my favorites while I have a stew or chili cooking, or something in the crockpot. I have a few that I always go to.  Love Actually, The Holiday, The Last Holiday, either of the Bridget Jones movies are a few of my favorites.

A nice snug blanket.  I have these plush blankets that I bought at Costco.  We all fought over the one on a regular basis so I bought two more recently.  They were cheap and are so comfortable.  Also, they hold up so much better after several washes than fleece.

Most importantly, my husband and kids.  Those 5 make me feel warm and loved.  I love nothing more than to get locked up with them, with nothing else to do but snuggle up, relax, watch movies, and just hang out.


Carrie B. said…
Love your list dear Gal! I loved everything and could definitely relate with the big comfy sweaters & hot yummy drink!!
Sandra said…
Scarves, fireplace, boots, yep....we think alike lol

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