Ben's Special Sunflower

As I've mentioned several times, Ben loves crafts that involve tracing his hands.  I found it on a really cute blog, What I Live For.  Since we've been doing flowers, I thought it fit with the weeks activities.

What you will need:

Construction paper

1.  Trace and cut out your little ones hands.  (I cut out 16 of them.)

(While I was cutting these out, Ben colored a letter M coloring sheet, since that was our letter of the week.  It did take a little while and he got a little bored so I let him get up and play while I finished.)

2.  Trace and cut out prints of your little ones feet.

3.  Cut out a circle from a piece of paper and a long strip for the stem.

4.  Glue the hands around the circle from the back.
(I had enough to go around twice.)

5.  Glue the stem onto the back of the flower.

6.  Glue the feet onto the front of the stem.

And you're done.


michelle said…
That is so super cute! :)
Liz said…
Aww thank you!

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