Another good weekend and strange dreams

Since we've had car trouble, it wasn't really possible for us to go anywhere big this weekend.  We couldn't even really go to Kansas City for my nephew's birthday party.  On Saturday, we did run a few errands.  We went to the library as we promised Ben.  He was so excited and before we knew it, Shawn and I had our hands full of books we'd picked out for him or he had picked out himself.  I'm sure nobody likes books like Ben does.

Right now we are waiting on lab work to come back on Shawn.  He's being tested for Celiac Disease so on Saturday we also made a trip to the Merc for some good gluten free products.  I love the Merc.  So much good stuff, and it always smells so good there.  I also got my Christmas cards mailed out, with the exception of one that got left behind in the shuffle.  I'm hoping to get that one out today.  Saturday night, we watched Up as a family.  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.  There were a few parts that had Ben on the edge of his seat, but even with those, I think it's a great family movie.

Here's a funny picture of Ben trying to make Shawn and I laugh.  He succeeded.

Sunday, Shawn's parents came to town.  We just relaxed around the house and after they left we ate dinner and watched Monsters Vs. Aliens.  It was a cute movie.  Not as good as Up, but a good, cute movie none the less.

Every night, we've been having fun little dance parties around dinner time.  Here is a couple of pictures from Sunday night's dance party.

Ben's favorite toy lately has been his blocks.  He gets very intent when he's building with them.  It's like they aren't a toy and building isn't a game, but more of a job that he has to get done.  He's very particular about where they go too.  He likes people to build with him but he wants it done his way and each of the blocks placed where he wants them.

We have been taking a small hiatus from crafts until I'm able to go pick up some more fun stuff to use.  Until then we are just coloring Christmas pictures.  He's really stuck on Santa lately.  You can look for more crafts by the end of this week or this weekend.

Last night, I had the craziest dream.  I was having serious contractions and we were calling the doctor and running to the hospital.  The dream lasted forever.  I seriously felt like it lasted all night long and the pain seemed so real.  I woke up this morning exhausted.  I felt like I'd run a marathon and my whole body ached and my stomach muscles ached the worst of all.  Has anybody else had crazy pregnancy dreams like this?


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