Rudolph craft

I was looking for a fun way to start the Christmas season with crafts and decided what's more fun than Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?  Sorry, since we've been sick the activity level in this house has been sort of slow, but we're getting back into the swing of things.

What you need:
Construction paper

1.  Fold over a piece of brown paper, the way you would if you were trying to make a perfect square.

2.  Cut along the fold so you have a perfect triangle.

3.  On the left over paper, trace your kiddo's hands.

4.  Cut out circles of white and black for his eyes.

5.  Cut out a red circle for Rudolph's nose.

6.  Cut out the hand prints with a little bit of the arm to give length.

7.  Glue the eyes and nose onto the brown triangle.

8.  Let your little one color the hand prints.

9.  Glue the hand prints on the head for antlers.

And you're done!

Sorry about they naked except for diaper boy with his eyes closed.  He'd made a mess of his clothes and since his father was cooking dinner, I didn't think it was necessary to get him dressed again just to eat, take a bath, then go to bed in his pjs.  As for the closed eyes, this was the best picture I could do.  Anyone with a toddler knows, unless they are sleeping, they rarely sit still and as soon as this picture was snapped he ran to the fridge to put his Rudolph up.

You'll notice again at Christmas, a lot of the crafts have hand tracing in them.  When we did the first one for Thanksgiving, he loved it so much that ever since, anytime we get out paper, crayons, coloring pages, anything, he's tracing his hands.  I thought it's easier to go with it and do crafts that involve this also.

Also, you'll notice that we have moved to the kitchen table for craft time instead of a tray in the living room.  As I get more experimental with what I allow Ben to do (scissors and glue), the crafts get messier and it's much easier to clean up the kitchen table than the couch, floor, and tray.


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