Shawn's birthday

Yesterday was Shawn's birthday and he turned the big 24.  He normally hates his birthday.  He says it's the let down from the holidays and everyone is normally in a bad mood.  I hope we proved him wrong yesterday.  He didn't feel well, which always sucks to be sick but especially so on your birthday.  As soon as he left for work yesterday Ben and I got up to make him a card.  Ben was so excited and did all the decorating and color choices himself.  All I did was write on it and fold the paper in half.

Shawn came home from work early.  I think he was hoping to get a nap in, but Ben had other plans.  I went to work and then we went to dinner with his family.  We went to the yummy Mexican restaurant his family loves.  I ate way too much food.  Then, we went back to his parent's house for cake.  Shawn's perfect cake is yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  His sister, Kelly, and her boyfriend made the cake and it was so yummy and fluffy. 

Shawn held Ben on his lap while we sang Happy Birthday so that Ben could help blow out the candles.  Ben thought it was the best thing ever and after the candles were blown out he was pulling them off the cake so fast and sucking the frosting off of the bottom of them.

Ben also made the biggest mess out of his cake.  He makes everything more fun.  Even birthdays that aren't his. 

I hope Shawn enjoyed his birthday!  We all really tried to make it nice for him.


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