Hand Christmas tree craft

Ben has really been stuck on "tees" after the craft we did Sunday and then getting our Christmas tree so we decided to try another one.  Not only was it a tree, but we had to trace his hands also, so he thoroughly enjoyed it.

What you'll need:
construction paper

1.  Trace your little ones hands on green paper.

2.  Cut out the hand prints (you'll need about 12 of them) and a good sized triangle.

3.  While I was cutting the hand prints, I had Ben color some other colored sheets of paper.

4.  Glue the hand prints to the triangle.  (This might have been Ben's favorite part.)

5.  I cut out circles from the paper he had colored for ornaments, a star for the top, and a brown rectangle for the bottom.

6.  Glue all the extra pieces/decorations on and you're done.

He was so proud of it that when Shawn came home, he met him at the top of the stairs, pointing at the fridge and yelling "TEE!  TEE!"  As a matter of fact, he was so happy about it, he talked about it in his sleep multiple times, last night.


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