A day to get into the holiday spirit.

Yesterday, was a wonderful day!  I tried to make it as fun and Christmas filled for Ben as possible.  We got up and immediately decided to get stuff ready for chili since it was going to be a cold day and we were going to be outside.  The in laws were coming up too, so I thought I would make a nice little treat too.  We love the Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough in our house.  As long as it's peanut free we'll give it a try.  Lately we've been hooked on the chocolate chip ones.

Ben and I baked a package of those so we could all enjoy them, then decided it was craft time.  Since we were going to get our Christmas tree later in the day, I thought something tree related would be fun, so we made a Christmas tree while learning shapes and colors.  Ben calls it his tee and he's so proud of it, he's showing everyone.

After the in laws got here, we got all bundled up and went to the Christmas tree farm to pick out our perfect tree.

We went to Strawberry Hill Christmas Tree Farm.  I loved it.  It wasn't a huge place, but they did have a pretty good selection and all the people there were so friendly.  I would highly recommend this place to anyone wanting to find the perfect tree.  It was so cold and kinda spit snow at us while were there which definitely made it feel like Christmas.  We found our perfect Christmas tree and came home to eat yummy warm chili.  After dinner my mother and father in law put the lights on our tree while Shawn and I searched the garage for our Angel.  After the in laws left, we gave Ben a bath and let him help us decorate the tree while we watched Dora's Christmas Carol.  After the tree was decorated, we ate some more cookies and drank hot chocolate while I ready Mickey's Christmas Carol to Ben before bed.

It was such a wonderful day!  Since then, we've had some issues with the tree leaning, and we'll hopefully get that fixed when Shawn comes home today.


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