Christmas tree craft

I saw this craft on another blog, Domestic Wonder - Christmas Tree Shapes, and thought it was a great way for Ben to learn his shapes and colors.  It was really easy and lots of fun.

What you need:

construction paper

1.  I had Ben color a blue and red sheet of paper to cover of each as much as possible while I did the next step.

2. Cut out 3 triangles of different sizes, a star, and a rectangle for bottom of the tree, and what ever shape you want the ornaments to be.  (This is what Ben was coloring the paper for.)  We did red circles and blue squares.

3.  Glue the triangles together to make a tree.

4.  Glue the star to the top and the rectangle to the bottom.

5.  Glue all the ornaments on the tree and let dry.

Every time we do a craft with glue, I think I should break out the glue sticks, but I somehow doubt Ben would find it as fun to use those.  Before we glued the pieces together, we talked about what shapes we were gluing and what color they were.


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