A Benny Angel

Found this done a couple of places and decided to have Ben do it with me.  It didn't work out as well as I was hoping because we seem to have a family of fruit flies that have come to live with us and Ben is terrified of them.  I ended up doing most of this by myself and in the process forgot to take pictures of the in between steps.

What you'll need:
construction paper
a picture of your little one, magazine picture or something for the head

1.  Trace your little ones hands and have them stand on the paper and trace one of their feet also.

2.  Cut the pieces out and color them.  We colored them in yellow and gold.

3.  Cut out the picture you were wanting to use as the head for your angel.

4.  Cut out a little halo for angel.

5.  Glue all the pieces together.

It is super easy and really cute, but there is a lot of cutting that my little one isn't ready for yet.  While I was cutting all the pieces out, I had Ben coloring Christmas coloring pages to keep him there and involved.


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