Snowman craft

Tonight we got together as a family and did Ben's snowman craft.  Ben was excited to show Daddy how he likes to glue things.

What you need:
construction paper
crayons or a pen
3 circular objects of different sizes to trace, or if you're daring then you can ignore this

1.  Trace the 3 circular items on white paper and cut them out.

2.  Cut out an orange triangle for a carrot nose, several black circles for his coal eyes, mouth and buttons, and brown stick arms.

While we were cutting out the pieces, Ben was coloring a snowman picture.

3.  Glue the circles together to make the body and head.

4.  Glue the stick arms on your snowman.

5.  Glue on his eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.

6.  Glue him onto a background paper.  (We did this so you could see him better against our white fridge.)

And, as Ben would say "Ta Da"  you are done.

For some reason Ben thinks snowmen sound like Santa and keeps saying "Ho Ho Ho" in his deep Santa voice.  It's pretty funny the things he comes up with.


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